It was fall of 2006 and I was still in college when I was constantly thinking about how to complete my classes and at the same time cultivate and expand my creativity. After spending many nights brainstorming with my mom, we decided on a plan to start our own business. Our own boutique.

  Fast forward 17 years later, and we have two established brick and mortar locations and our online store that we are so proud of. I know what you’re thinking - isn’t working with your mom hard? Completely the opposite - her and I compliment each other so well. I’m the creative brain and she’s the rational brain. Together, along with our awesome hard working girl gang that bring their own creative aspect to the business, we manage to innovate ourselves year after year.

  When we opened our first store I learned that I loved going to trade shows - not only in the US but also abroad. I like meeting new people and developing new relationships - many of the line reps I met I now consider life long friends. The opportunity to feel fabrics, see innovative styles, colors and designs made me feel reassured I was on the right path.

  I’m originally from Los Angeles and spent my adolescence and early adulthood between there and South Florida. Because of this, our boutique’s style is a unique mixture of the best of both east and west coast. We like to bring in pieces with feminine edge, and our niche would have to be versatility. We REALLY love when a piece can be worn different ways- for different events, different times of day. The best part is that we show you how to do it.

  If you’ve read this far, that means my story resonates with you in one way or another. So i’d like to take this moment and say THANK YOU - you’ve opened up your shopping interest to a small business - our small business. And that means the world to us. After all, our customers are what keep us going. Through all the ups and downs of owning our own business, we have learned so much. But the most important lesson of all is that with a goal set in mind and a lot of hard work, you will always get what you desire. With that said, i’d like to leave you with a phrase my mom always says - “What your mind seeks, your eyes will see.”


Thank you for your loyalty and for making my dream come true!