What to Wear to meet the Parents-Do's & Dont's



 Ladies, you only get that first and one-time opportunity to get the positive, lasting impression you want from his parents. Let us help you get it right. As a parent myself I have chatted on this topic as well as researched some opinions from online posts. With these experiences I can give you some rules to DRESS TO IMPRESS!

 Rule # 1: know the circumstances under which you will meet them

Rule # 2: always better to be overdressed than underdressed

Rule # 3: no jeans, leggings, athleisure or tennis skirts

Rule # 4: no spaghetti straps, off shoulder, or tube tops

Rule # 5: keep lengths of dresses and skirts and tops appropriate (keep your feminine body parts covered)

Rule # 6: closed toe shoes are classy, opt out of sneaker trend

Rule # 7: cover your shoulders and chest

Rule #8: tone down on the makeup

Rule # 9: make some effort with your hair

Rule 10: wear something you feel confident in so your guy’s response is “wow you look pretty” not for him to say “hot”

 My top advice is let one of our lead stylists at Nikki’s Beachhouse style you for that special day. You can walk out of our boutique with a fit that makes you feel pretty and confident plus best of all… its new!!! New relationship, new opportunities, and a new experience meeting those important people of your partner’s life. We got you!