ARIES are ruled by the sun and naturally drawn to gold hues. Our West Coast Mini Dress is the perfect fall dress style to get you turning heads. Pair with some colorful accessories for a fun-loving vibe.


 TAURUS can always be trusted and really enjoy the finer things in life. Our silk like Midnight Special Pant set will keep you looking cool and expensive. Don’t leave the stilettos behind babe.



GEMINI loves to embrace their inner child. Our Paraiso Crochet Tank and Ying Yang bucket hat will remind you of the good old days when you lived in denim shorts.


CANCER likes to change with the seasons and love to put together trendy pieces to create a perfect seasonal ensemble. Our Fall for You Satin top paired with the All in Jogger and some trending fall boots will have you strutting in style.


LEO connection to both sun and cats lead you to bold animal prints paired with the latest “it” bag. Our Drinks for Two mini dress with killer pumps will have you prowling around town.


VIRGO with your detail oriented and tidy manner will keep it sleek with this edgy animal print and leather combo. Dress up in our Sunshine Scarf Top and  All in  Jogger letting the world know you’re not to be messed with.




LIBRA born to shine bright like a polished coin will look so fresh in our Come Around Ribbed Dress. Add some sparkle with your best jewelry accessories to complete your diva on the strip look.





SCORPIO with your intense nature would look so fab in our Take a Trip Skirt set with matching colored accessories so no one will be able to keep their eyes off of you.


SAGITTARIUS keeps things casual with punchy details. Rock out in our nude colored Feel the Heat Mini Dress and Gilda purse for a real trendy look. This fire sign likes to take bold fashion risks as they say,” its all in the details.”


CAPRICORN as an earth sign are drawn to muted and neutral tones with functional yet cool looking aesthetics. Our To the Beat denim pant and Chill Vibes Tank totally speaks your vibe.


AQUARIUS symbol for water bearer makes anything blue the perfect hue for you. Our Tropical Paradise Midi Dress says your going to flow into each moment of your precious day. Sneakers or heels either way your easy like Sunday morning.


PISCES always have their eyes set on easy and flowy pieces. This water sign can’t go wrong with our Sorbet maxi dress tie dye print styled with a platform sandal then just add a sleek bag and Voila!